DEI Speaker and Clinical Consultants

DEI Speaker

Presentations and Workshops

Educational, Coaching and Community

Are you looking for an engaging keynote speaker or program for your next meeting or event designed to help its attendees expand their understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), neurodivergence, LGBTQ+ or gender issues?

We use our knowledge and experience to inform and coach parents, practitioners, educators, students, professionals, and more.  PFLAG, the ZEN Parenting Conference, The Chicago School, The School of Social Work at Aurora University and the Philly Trans Conference are just a few of the organizations with whom we have recently collaborated.

If you are planning something, whether technical or general in nature, we would love to help. Let’s chat about the format of your meeting and what your goals are. Contact us or call 630-299-9004.

Group and Case Consultations

We offer consultations for individual and group practitioners that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual or agency.
Partners in Pride® founder, Jameson Pagano, brings a multi-faceted approach through the lens of a clinician, a parent, and someone who identifies as trans.
Past consultations include specific case/client review, general info on working with gender diverse adolescents and adults, as well as more in depth clinical approaches to working with the LGBTQ+ clients and families.
To book Jameson, or inquire for more information, please email